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Pushing HP5 to 3200

I find myself shooting at my film's box speed less and less lately. I just always find myself in some sort of challenging lighting situation without the appropriate high-speed film. But for me, film photography is all about tinkering and experimenting, so I welcome it...

Happily Handling a Handheld Hasselblad

One of the great things about taking classes at the local community college is the access you get to equipment and gear you might not otherwise. For example, the venerated Hasselblad 500C. I checked it out for three straight weeks in a row, being rather unfamiliar...

Neutral-Density Filters: Controlling Light, and Painting with Motion

Of all the filters in my kit, the one that I pull out the most is the neutral-density filter. A neutral-density filter, or "ND filter", reduces the amount of light entering the camera. It's as simple as that. There aren't any color corrections or emphasis; all...