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MIAD is a small but well-known art college in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. [I mean, Rob Schrab went there, so that's something, right?] For about a year and a half, I served as MIAD's one stop shop for all things web. When I joined the organization, they were running their site on an old Joomla installation on a shared hosting service that was rapidly starting to show its age. I came up with a plan to get them on a platform that better served their needs, including:
  • A full migration from Joomla to WordPress, which included something like 1800 articles
  • Greatly improved security with auto IP blacklisting, rate limiting, and two-factor authentication
  • A robust, WordPress-oriented hosting solution from Pantheon
  • A new Git-based workflow for development
  • A theme built on top of Divi that designers can easily wrest control of when needed without my intervention
  • Discreet roles so that each stakeholder has control over their content and theirs alone
The migration was a resounding success, and the above steps greatly streamlined the content production process. The performance gains were also immediately noticeable (even before optimization), as the previous site took up to 6 seconds to fully render image-heavy front page.

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    WordPress Site

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    Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

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    January 23, 2019

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