Project Description

(Under WebDevStudios.) Football! With the legalization of online sports betting in Maine, the agency I was working with was approached to develop one of the first sites to play on. During the course of this project, I developed several parts of a custom plugin to turn the WordPress installation into a full-fledged web application. This included:
  • An extensible, re-usable model/repository architecture that allowed us to build a complex web application directly within WordPress.
  • Geolocation services using WP Engine's Geotarget, allowing us to restrict site access to users physically located in Maine.
  • A REST API client to consume, store, and sync data and results from the third-party football API.
  • Business logic to calculate wins, ties, to score tickets, to record and rank winners, and to calculate pot sizes and house take.
  • Integration with several different third-party payment processors.

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    WordPress Site
    Web Application

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    Weekly Pick'em Maine

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    January 23, 2019

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